I climbed out my bedroom window and couldn’t get back in

chaletOnce upon a time, I worked in a ski resort, where I lived in a chalet with a few other staff.

One morning I lay in bed, depressed, wanting to hide from the world. My housemates were in the living room and I couldn’t face them. They’re all cooler than me, I thought. I’m not even a real person compared to them. For one thing, most had been travelling for years, whereas I had just started. They were all so cool. To illustrate my point, here’s a picture of one of them holding a shooting firework:


windowI couldn’t stay in bed all day though, as I had to go to work. So I decided to escape my room by climbing out my bedroom window. This was harder than it sounds, because the window was barely big enough for me to fit. After a lot of effort though, I managed to squeeze through.

But when I returned from my shift several hours later, I found my bedroom door locked from the inside, which meant I couldn’t get into it! I’d forgotten to unlock the door before I left! What to do? I could have asked someone for help, but that would’ve meant having to explain why I’d climbed out my own window in the first place, which was tantamount to admitting insanity. No, my only option was to climb back into my bedroom through the same window. However, climbing in was much more difficult than climbing out, because the window was half a storey up. In fact, I couldn’t even reach the damn window. So I decided to build a tower from random furniture from inside the chalet. Thankfully there was only one housemate home, and she didn’t even pay any attention as I carried chairs and tables from out the house. And all the while, I was praying that no one else would come home, so I wouldn’t have to explain myself.

window outsideWith the tower built, I climbed up and grabbed the window. Let me make it clear once again that this window was so small I could barely fit through. I squeezed my way in, but despite being a skinny guy, I got stuck. My body was inside my room, but my legs were still left sticking out the window! With a final push of effort though, I managed to squeeze through, just as a couple of housemates turned the corner. I breathed a sigh of relief. No-one had noticed.

And that, my friends, was the window incident.

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