Golden axe levels and music

Here’s a list of the levels for the first Golden Axe game, as well as the music (because the music was awesome). Just so you know, I first put all this information on Wikipedia, but then someone deleted it because it wasn’t ‘important enough’. What, music isn’t important? Well how about YOUR FACE isn’t important.

Stage 1

The player makes their way through Turtle Village as a shortcut to Death Adder’s castle.

golden axe_1

Stage 2

Upon entering Turtle Village, the player finds the villagers under attack by Death Adder’s henchmen.

golden axe_2

Stage 3

The village was on the back of a giant turtle, which took the player south across the sea. When the level starts, the player leaves Turtle Village and eventually fights a giant silver-armored knight.

golden axe_3

Stage 4

In order to get past enemy lines, the player takes the “Fiend’s Path”, which is actually the back of a giant flying eagle.

golden axe_4

Stage 5

The player jumps off the eagle and fights their way to the courtyard of the castle.

golden axe_5

Stage 6

The player showdowns with Death Adder.

golden axe_6

Stage 7

The rescued Queen tells the player that Death Adder was only taking orders. The player must make their way through a secret passage in the castle to find the puppet master. Note that this level only features in the Mega Drive and PC versions.

golden axe_7

Stage 8

The player fights Death Bringer. As with the previous level, this level only features in the Mega Drive and PC versions.

golden axe_8

Win ending

The player is told that the land will revive in peace and the people will talk of their deeds as legend.

golden axe_9

Other songs


Playthrough on YouTube

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