Godaddy’s "Must login to complete this action" – Solved!

I recently tried to bid on a domain at But I couldn’t, because I encountered this error:

godaddy must login

Essentially, it’s an error message that says, “ERROR: Must login to complete this action (your session may have expired)”.

I thought this was strange, because I was logged in:

godaddy logged in

Basically, I wanted to use Godaddy, but my daddy would just not go. I was about to call the helpline, until I realised my stupid mistake.

godaddy join now login

There are “Join now” and “Log in” buttons on the page, even though I’m signed into Godaddy. This means that Godaddy and Godaddy Auctions are two separate entities. So you need a separate account for each.

So the solution? Click “Join now” and create a Godaddy Auctions account.

Altogether now: One, two, three, four, I bet this error made you swore! Five, six, seven, eight, Thanks to me you’re doing great! Gooooooo, daddy!

P.S. Godaddy Auctions costs €6.14 a year. Oh noooo, daddy!

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