Short stories by me and my siblings, circa 2003

Here’s three stories written by myself, my sister, and my brother, circa 2003. They’re parodies of franchises like Mario and Pokemon: franchises that are overbearingly upbeat, carefree, light, and fluffy. But don’t worry, because each story also has a hint of darkness to contrast the cheeriness. 


The Rainbow Race by Paul Pietrzak (aged 15)

mario and luigi race 2

“Here we go,” said Mario.

“Yes,” proclaimed Luigi. “Here we go!”

The pair of plumbers flew down the slide as a trail of stars flew out of their backside. It realty was quite funny to watch.

“Hurrah!” cried Peach; she was watching at the bottom of the slide with Toad.

“Remember,” cried Toad. “First one to the bottom wins!”

The plumbers slid and swerved, avoiding shells and traps as they went. Faster and faster they went. “Woohoo!” shrieked Mario. They were approaching a hole, but then a trail of rainbows led the path safely before them. Mario and Luigi jostled for first place as they both sped towards the finish line.

“Come on!” cried Peach.

“Nearly there!” said Toad.

The pair swerved the final bend. Luigi was speeding ahead, but then Mario pulled out a magical golden star and used it! Mario whooshed past the finish line leaving Luigi in a cloud of dust.

“Hurrah!” shrieked Peach!

Mario had won the race, and was very pleased about it. He slapped Luigi on the back of the head. “Hey, maybe next time!” said Mario.

“Yeah!” said Luigi. “Maybe next time….” Luigi grinned evilly….



Peach’s Adventure by Lisa Pietrzak (aged 13)

peach forest

Peach skipped along merrily, what possibly could go wrong? The birds were singing, the sun was shining and there was not a single cloud in sight. She carried on but then thought she thought of Toad’s words, his advice… “Peach, be very very careful when you go on your walk today, trust no-one!” She giggled to herself. What is Toad like? She ran along as the gentle breeze brushed in her hair.

It moved again… what was it? Peach was not scared but more curious.

“Hello,” she called out.

An old woman appeared from out the bushes. “Hello my dear, would you like to buy an apple?”

Peach looked at the apples that were neatly placed in an old wicker basket. They were gorgeous, shiny red apples. Yuuum, thought Peach as she was about to take a bite from one…

She stopped. “…Peach… trust no-one!”

Okay, she thought. Although the temptation was excruciating, she placed the apple back into the basket, “No thanks,” she said. She hurried on, heading for home. Trust no-one, she thought, as she started to run.

“Toad!! Hello, I’m so glad I’m home, I was getting pretty scared!”

“Did you take my advice?” he questioned her.

“Yes, trust no-one.”

Toad smiled. Peach gave him a hug… “One Two Three!!” Toad shrieked. Out from the bushes ran Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and DK. They were holding huge water bombs!! They all soaked Peach as if it were the most hysterical thing ever. Toad grabbed a blue balloon and threw it on Peach’s head…

Trust no-one, he laughed, Trust no-one



The Haunted House by Adam Pietrzak (aged 10)

tidus wakka haunted house

Tidus and Wakka approached the haunted house.

“Hey!” said Wakka. “Isn’t this the old haunted house?”

“Yeah!” cried Tidus. “And I’m going in there!” Tidus leapt up the stairs and pushed the old creaky door open. “Come on!” he said, before disappearing inside.

Wakka shook his head. “Here we go.” he muttered. He leapt up the stairs and followed Tidus into the house.

The house was old and dusty. Wakka looked around but his friend was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly Mario slid down the creaky stairs. “Woohoo!” he cried.

Wakka shook with disbelief, then Luigi came out of the kitchen. “Hoo ha ha!’ he laughed. Peach and Toad dropped down from the ceiling wearing scary Halloween masks.

“Where’s Tidus?” asked Wakka bravely.

“I’m right here!” said Tidus. Wakka looked and saw a ghost where Tidus was standing! Wakka ran out of the house then down the street screaming.

“Hoo hoo hoo!” laughed Luigi. “That was funny!”

Tidus took off his sheet and laughed. “Yes, that was a good joke we played!”

Mario wiped a tear from his face. “Hoo hoo hoo! Good job this house isn’t really haunted, though!”


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