As featured on <a href=””>Kindle Cover Disasters</a>, “Hillary and Harambe save the world” is a book I wrote:


The plot shows exactly what will happen if Donald Trump wins the election on November 9th. Using meticulously researched data, I demonstrate that one year into the future, nearly everyone will be starving and/or dead, and a 1,000-foot-high wall will prevent Americans from escaping into Mexico. Here’s the full blurb:

On the night before the presidential election, the ghost of a gorilla named Harambe visits Hillary Clinton. Together they travel one year into a future where Trump won the election. The new president – now turned evil dictator – has begun nuking the world into oblivion, and a 1,000-foot-high wall prevents Americans from escaping into Mexico. Hillary learns that to avert this dystopian future, she must go back in time and save Harambe: “Save the gorilla, save the world”. But Trump, who has augmented himself with technology and is now an eight-foot-tall cyborg, wants to stop Hillary, and at any cost. Amidst this chaos, Hillary and Harambe fall in love and start a relationship that bridges their two species. Over 6,000 words of dystopian humour. Caution: this book contains sexual acts, urophagia, and interspecies romance

Now just €0.99, £0.99 or $0.99 from all good retailers. Well, most good retailers. Okay, just Amazon.

Update on November 9th, 2016: It’s the day after election day, and the results are in: Trump really will be the next American president. Just like my book predicted. I’m not saying the rest of the book’s predictions will come true, but I’m totally sure they will.