Beyond the Bookcase: Short story I wrote at the age of 9

Here’s a short story I wrote at the age of nine. I unwittingly wrote it in the style of Dan Brown: the sentences are clumsy and the plot doesn’t make sense.

Beyond the Bookcase

The bookcase swung open. The secret passage was dark. There were cobwebs, stone steps, and beyond… darkness. I started walking down the steps and suddenly the bookcase slams shut. I banged on the bookcase but no-one could hear me. The only thing I could do was to walk so I started walking. It was really smelly down their [sic]. I think it was the rats. I suddenly tripped over a cobweb and tumbled down the steps. There was a closed door in front of me. I thought I was going crash [sic].

The door opened in front of me and I zoomed through. I found myself in space. I couldn’t breathe. I was holding my breath for such a long time my face was going red. I floated to the moon to get help from some astronauts. I looked but I couldn’t find any astronauts, but then I heard a funny noise. It sounded like “Back ole besir”. I went to see what the noise was. I had no choice. If it was an astronaut, I would at least be able to breathe again. Suddenly, I fell into a crater. I was plunged into darkness.

Suddenly, some lights came on. I was able to breathe again. I was in a small, blue room. The light came from a candle. There were three walls and a wall made from iron bars. Through the bars I could see a small, narrow door, and a bucket. It was a rusty old bucket, with two or three holes. Suddenly the door opened. A funny looking creature came out. It had a big nose, one foot that it hopped along on, and three eyes. Two more creatures came out looking exactly like the first one but bigger. The two big creatures were standing either side of the room.

The little creature fell asleep. I went to a corner of the room to rest. Suddenly a trapdoor opened up at another corner of the room. I ran across to the other side of the room and I jumped down the trapdoor. I was back at the steps. The bookcase was open. I ran towards it. The creatures had jumped down the trapdoor as well and they were following me. They made a grab for me but I jumped out the way. The bookcase was closing. I jumped as far as I could but I hit the bookcase. The creatures nearly got me but I crawled out and the bookcase closed. The creatures hit their heads on the bookcase. “I’m never going in there again” I said to myself.

By Paul Pietrzak aged 9


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