I found Bigfoot in Lego Worlds

I’ve been playing the early access version of Lego Worlds for a couple of days and today I found Bigfoot. I’m excited, despite being a 29-year-old man. I googled “Lego Worlds Bigfoot” to see if anyone else has found him and apparently no-one has. Perhaps it’s because everyone’s playing Minecraft instead.

First I looked at Bigfoot through binoculars.

In Lego Worlds, thought bubbles show what characters want. Bigfoot had a thought bubble above his head with a camera in it. The cheeky bugger wanted a camera! I didn’t have a camera so I just continued watching him through my binoculars like a pervert.

But when I tried to zoom in with the binoculars, I pressed the wrong button and shot a deadly fireball instead.

Bigfoot ran away in terror.

He made it to the sea and began to swim away.

I shot a series of fireballs at him. I can only imagine his terror: a wizard chasing him, fireballs exploding around him, and hungry sharks circling beneath him. He was probably having a lovely day until I came along.

Luckily for Bigfoot, all the fireballs missed. I swam out to him and we hung out in a hot tub.

After a few seconds he swam off again. He sure swims good for someone who’s supposed to be a hoax.

I climbed onto a ray and chased him onto shore.

I don’t know about you, but if a ray was chasing me, I’d be running away too. In fact, a ray chasing me on land is my new worst nightmare. That and Donald Trump grabbing my legs as I walk down stairs in the dark.

Bigfoot tried to climb a hill but I shot him to death with a fireball. That’ll show him for pretending to be a hoax!

I don’t know if characters can respawn in Lego Worlds. I don’t even know if there can ever be another Bigfoot. Perhaps I just killed the only Bigfoot in the whole world and he’ll never return. With these sad thoughts I built a grave for my fallen friend.

Then I remembered I’m a 29-year-old man and wondered what the hell I’m doing with my life.

Edit: It turns out Bigfoot has been in the game since October 2015. (That’s when update 3 was released… the developers are working on update 7 now.) So I’m not the first to find Bigfoot after all. I also discovered that Bigfoot spawns in the forest biome. Source: here. It’s time to go a-hunting! I want at least three Bigfoot heads for my wall.

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