I like to track stuff. I don’t know why. It just gives me a high. And I like looking at the data.

Here’s some statistics from variables I tracked in 2016. If you can think of anything else I should be tracking, then let me know in the comments below.

310,691 kilograms lifted at the gym
76,835 views at PaulJonesBlog.com (125% more than last year!)
26,897 miles flown
13,010 words I wrote in my diary
11,510 £s earned (18% lower than last year) 🙁
10,255 £s spent
707 comments written on Reddit
699 price in £ of the most expensive item I bought (a new laptop)
199 pokemon caught
130 essays written
57 blog posts published
54 times I went to the gym
37 YouTube videos uploaded
32 takeaways
28 Italki lessons received
24 Wikipedia edits
23 gifts given
19 flights taken
12 things bought from Amazon
10 times went to Starbucks
7 films watched at the cinema (The Hateful Eight, Superman v Batman, Julieta, The Conjuring 2, Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, Bad Moms)
7 hotels stayed in
6 escape rooms escaped from (Nivell 2 (Escapis), unnamed escape room (Fugir), Room 13 (Escape Live), Bunker 38 and Cell Block C (Clue HQ), and The Original Swiss (AdventureRooms))
5 creepers killed
5 countries visited (Spain, Japan, India, England, Ireland)
5 goooooold riiiiings…
4 books bought (Carnival of fear, Moranifesto, 101 Things to Do with Your Computer, A Song of Ice and Fire)
2 Airbnbs stayed in
2 books written (Hillary and Harambe Save the World and a book called ‘Mr. Poo’ for my niece)
1 hostel stayed in
1 video game bought (Lego Worlds)
0 supermodels slept with
0 rich relatives died
0 lines of cocaine snorted off a hooker’s ass