Searching the dark web for levothyroxine

I have hypothyroidism and need to take medication for it every day. I usually get a prescription for levothyroxine from the doctor, but I want to know if there’s an easier or cheaper way. So I’m going to search on the big bad scary dark web for levothyroxine.


First I checked AlphaBay, because says it’s the ‘top market’, whatever that means.

I searched for levothyroxine but many of the results were for other things for some reason, like amphetamine and dexderine.

I found one seller selling 100 tablets of 100 mcg for $24 + $15 P&P.

So if I take 200 mcg per day, I get 50 days worth for $39 (€36). You might think that’s cheap but it’s actually expensive. While I was in Canada, levothyroxine was $10 for a month’s supply. I’ve also read that the cost of levothyroxine to the NHS is just £2 a month per patient.


Next I tried a dark web site called ‘Grams’, which says is like Google but for the dark web. I gave up though because it’s not free – 0.01 (I’m guessing bitcoins).

It also asked for a PGP key and I don’t know what that is.

Dream Market

After this, I tried a dark web site called ‘Dream Market’. I find that an unsettling name for some reason. Dream Market. Our pills will make you dream forever…

But I never got to enter Dream Market because I couldn’t answer their captchas correctly. Have a go yourself – what letters are in this captcha?

It’s NxI9VA4X, right? Well, I tried that and it didn’t work. What about this one?

It’s clearly VKDZ2W, right? Well that didn’t work either. So I said goodbye to Dream Market.


Next I tried a dark web site called ‘Valhalla’.

One seller was hawking these for €40:

That’s 30 tablets of 25 mcg. That’s nothing… it would last me less than four days.

I also found a seller selling l00 tablets of 100 mcg of levothyroxine for €30. That’s a better price. It ships from India and the seller’s name is “indianpilldaddy”. The package takes two weeks to arrive apparently.

I tried to buy it but the seller only accepted bitcoins. So I tried to open a bitcoins account at but they kept saying that the quality of my photos of my ID was too low. Next I tried but they knew I’m in Ireland and they wanted to see some Irish photo ID, which I don’t have.

In the end, I just went to a doctor and got a 6-month’s supply of levothyroxine from her. I paid €50 for the appointment and €32 for the prescription. So the price worked out as the same as indianpilldaddy’s.

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