What’s the deal with Medichecks and the Republic of Ireland?

Medichecks is a UK company that provides private blood tests. They send you a vial, you fill it with blood, and then they analyse the blood in their lab.

There’s a problem however: I’m living in Ireland. Does Medichecks even serve Ireland? Well, I did some research and I have the answers. In this post, I’ll answer two questions:

  1. Do Medichecks deliver tests to the Republic of Ireland? (Spoiler: the answer is yes).
  2. Do Medichecks have partner clinics in Ireland? (Spoiler: just one, and it’s in Northern Ireland).

Medichecks do deliver tests to the Republic of Ireland

I asked Medichecks if they deliver to the Republic of Ireland. This was their reply:

Medichecks: Thank you for your enquiry. I can confirm we deliver tests all over, they can be done in the Republic of Ireland, we would send out everything you need to complete the test and then you can forward the sample over to our laboratory. Unfortunately we do not currently have any partner clinics near you at the moment, if the test requires a venous sample we would send you a kit to make your own arrangements with a medical professional to have the sample drawn. I hope the above helps with your query, please don’t hesitate to come back to me if I can help further.

So basically, Medichecks do deliver tests to the Republic of Ireland.

I’m not sure if there would be issues with the speed of the return psotage however. I know that their terms and conditions stress the importance of getting the sample to the lab the next day:

You must send samples […] using the pre-paid envelope provided on the day the sample was taken to ensure that it arrives at the laboratory the following day. Failure to do so may lead to deterioration of your sample which could affect the accuracy of your test results.

Medichecks have no partner clinics in the Republic of Ireland

My next question was if Medichecks has any partner clinics in Ireland:

Me: I’m in Cork. Is there a clinic nearby that can take my blood?

Medichecks: Thank you for your enquiry. We have one partner clinic in Ireland which is based in Craigavon.

Craigavon is certainly far for me (we’re talking about a 8-hour round-trip drive, or a 12-hour round-trip on public transport).

Medichecks went on to say that:

Medichecks: The other option that you have is to contact your own GP practice and ask if they are happy to collect the sample on our behalf. We will then send you a sample collection kit to take with you and there is no partner clinic charge for this option.

So basically, you’re own on your own. f

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