Iced Gems advert from 1993

One of my favourite adverts is from 1993. It’s for Jacob’s Iced Gems.

It all starts with a boy and a girl in a kitchen. For some reason, the boy seems really eager to eat iced gems.

After the kids pop the iced gems in their mouths, they grin, their eyes open wide, and they fly off on a… drug trip?! No wonder the kid was so eager to eat the iced gems! They were tainted with magic mushrooms!

The kids hallucinate a polar bear. But instead of mauling them to death, this bear explains that he’s fucked up and lost the ‘white iced gems’. This sure is a weird trip.

I wonder if ‘white iced gems’ is a euphemism for cocaine? The kids must like cocaine because they agree to help the bear.

The kids explore a forest, a castle, and a fair. There’s gems everywhere, but it’s a pain in the arse because none are white.

Just when the bear is about to kill himself and take the two kids with him, the boy looks up and finds the white iced gems.

The iced gems are high in the sky. Another thing that’s high is the boy.

If you can’t believe that was a real advert, then you can watch it yourself below:

Seriously though, I love this advert. I love the dreamlike mood. I love the idea of being transported to another world, where everything is warm and fun, where sweets grow on trees and you can go on funfair rides as much as you want. I even like the sound effects and the animation style. So thank you, Jacob’s.

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