Fuck you, Cork City Libraries

I moved to Cork in March this year. I joined the local library, Cork Central Library, in April. I reserved two books using the online catalogue… but the books still haven’t arrived.

The first book is ‘in transit’, which sounds good. Surely ‘in transit’ means the book will arrive soon? But no, it doesn’t, because the book has been ‘in transit’ for two months now! I reserved the other book one month ago and for this one, the website just says ‘1 of 1 holds’.

Background information

The government is uniting all the libraries in Ireland in scheme called “Libraries Ireland”. The idea is that anyone anywhere in Ireland can order any book from any library in Ireland. That’s a lot of any’s.

Libraries Ireland already has a website: www.librariesireland.ie. The website for the Libraries Ireland catalogue is librariesireland.iii.com/iii/encore. This nationwide online catalogue is called Encore.

The situation in Cork

Cork City Libraries is in a weird situation. Their website links to Encore, but any reservations made through Encore will never arrive.

Here’s a quote from Cork City Libraries:

Until further notice […] the requesting of items via the Libraries Ireland public catalogue is not possible for members of Cork City Libraries. Patrons can search the available stock as normal but in order to place a hold on an item, we would advise that you visit or phone your local branch.

And a quote from Libraries Ireland in April:

Cork City patrons cannot place holds online in Encore. […] Cork City is not yet participating in the national pilot delivery system. For that reason patrons of Cork City Libraries cannot place holds online through the Encore service. Cork City patrons who wish to place holds should contact their local Cork City library.

Another quote from Libraries Ireland:

As and from 24th March 2017 Libraries Ireland will operate as a single shared system and the previous regional arrangement will cease. In the single shared system anyone with a valid public library card from any library authority in the country – with the exception of Cork City – can reserve and borrow items from all library services in the country.

Just my luck. Out of all the areas in Ireland, I moved to the one with a fucked-up library system.

Update on 24 August 2017: My books finally arrived at Cork Central Library.

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