“The Student Survivor” – shitty one-off newspaper I made at university

I went to Aston University between 2005 and 2008. Towards the end of my university life, I became disillusioned. I wasn’t getting laid and I had few friends.

To express my discontent, I decided to launch my own ‘alternative’ student newspaper. I called it ‘The Student Survivor’ because I saw university as something negative; something I endured rather than enjoyed.

To be honest, I’m stretching the definition of newspaper to breaking point. That’s because the entire ‘newspaper’ fit on just one sheet of paper (front and back).

I printed off about thirty copies at home and then took them to the campus. I nervously left them lying around in the student accomodation buildings because I was too cowardly to hand the copies to people directly.

In the first issue, I included an email address for people to contact me. I was hoping people would offer to contribute articles or at least give me some feedback. And…

I never received a single email. It was as though the newspaper had never existed at all.

I didn’t make a second edition.

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