About this blog

So what’s the deal about this blog? Well, basically, I just write about whatever I feel like. It’s a free world, so who’s going to stop me? YOU? Don’t make me laugh. No really, don’t; I have diarrhea, and it comes out a little whenever I laugh. Talk about “shits and giggles”.

Speaking of spreading shit everywhere, here’s some of my shitty post collections:

  • My first time, where I describe my first time taking drugs, having sex, and getting drunk, amongst other fun things.
  • Tales from Bishop Vesey, where I reveal what really happened during my seven years at secondary school.
  • Tales from my dad’s house, where I share amusing incidents that occurred at my family’s home in Birmingham.

This blog’s history

Here’s some history about this blog. Caution: this story is of a boring nature, and may induce a permanent coma.

blog history like oregon trail (2)

2010 – The birth of a shitty blog

In October 2010, I felt the urge to write about topics in a clear, simple way. I thought this would help me to understand them.

I heard that Blogspot was a good option to create blogs for free. So I filled in some info, and wham, bam, this blog was born. I called it “Let’s Be Clear”, and the URL was www.letsbeclear.blogspot.com.

My first ever post was “History of video games consoles“.

2013 – Domain change to paulchrisjones.blogspot.com

Around the beginning of 2013, I changed this blog’s URL to www.paulchrisjones.blogspot.com, because I didn’t just want to write “let’s be clear” posts anymore. I wanted to write about other topics. Unfortunately, the domain change caused my monthly visits to plummet from 9,000 visits a month to almost zero, as shown by the graph below. If the graph were a roller-coaster, it’d be the world’s deadliest.

Incidentially, here’s what my blog looked like at the time.

2014 01 29
This blog in January, 2014.

2014 – Shit gets serious

In December 2013, I decided to get more professional. I got a proper domain name, www.PaulChrisJones.com, and I also bought hosting with Bluehost, for around $100 a year. I installed WordPress.

2015 – A third domain name change

In May 2015, I changed the domain again (so a third domain change) to www.PaulJonesBlog.com. Moving my blog to a new domain was a lot more difficult than it sounds. Also, people were confused and still went to www.PaulChrisJones.com. My visitor numbers weren’t affected though, because I automatically redirected them from my old URL to my new one.

The situation in 2016

Someone is using my old domain, www.letsbeclear.blogspot.com, for their own blog. It’s a strange feeling. It feels like someone is living in my former house, and they have their feet on my coffee table.

I still own www.paulchrisjones.blogspot.com, but I’ve set them posts to private, so no-one can see the posts except me. There’s no sense in having the same posts published in two places.

I have my greedy eye on PaulJones.com, which is currently taken by a guy in New Jersey.

Finally, here’s a chart showing my visitor data so far:

monthly visits to pauljonesblog

The blog still hasn’t regained the popularity it had during its glory days of late 2012, but it’s building momentum,