Unfashionable ear plugs I bought from eBay

Are you always losing your ear plugs, to the exasperation of your friends and family? Or are you a dad who enjoys embarrassing his kids with inappropriate fashion choices? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, or if you weren’t paying attention because you’re a bit retarded, then you’ll want these fantastic ear plugs that are attached together WITH STRING.

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Video: Fòbia

This is a short film I made in 36 hours for a Catalan film festival. The festival is called “Just for Flowers”. The entries are supposed to include a prank on the pubic (like in the Canadian TV show “Just for Laughs”) as well as Girona’s flower festival (hence the “flowers” part). Stuck for ideas, I copied a film I was involved in a few years ago, about a man with a phobia of buildings. And no, I didn’t win anything.

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Photos of me dicking about at work (2012)

Take a look at photo of me opposite and ask yourself the following questions: Why is Paul wearing a tiny green hat? And why does he have a sombrero if he already has a hat? And just why is he wearing sunglasses indoors? And what’s up with that scar on his forehead? (Answers: St. Patrick’s Day; St. Patrick’s Day; St. Patrick’s Day; I got into a fight.)

Working in a cafe is a tedious business, so I had to seize opportunities for fun whenever I could. Want to see more photos of the fun I had at work? Of course you do! Click my face, you idiot.

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